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The Kiva Grocery

The Kiva Grocery has been in downtown Eugene for decades, quietly offering a veritable cornucopia of local, organic food and an amazing array of international foods wrapped in a big personality. If the Kiva Grocery were a person, it’d be that one effortlessly hip, down-to-earth friend that everyone calls an old soul, and who always manages to “just throw together” the most amazing meal you’ve ever eaten. If you don’t have a friend like that, find one immediately– trust us. Or, better yet, go to the Kiva.

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We started as we do with most projects: talking to the people who get the brand and experience. In this case, we camped out by the checkstands and talked to people coming through. We looked in their baskets and we talked. Then we got to work creating an ad campaign that conveys both the high quality food and the fun, quirky people that work at the Kiva.

We hear things are going really well at the Kiva (we eat lunch there all the time, so we know), and it really makes our day.