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Lane Transit District

We began working with Lane Transit District (LTD) in 2014, at a time when the community wasn’t so sure about some of LTD’s decisions. It was a real conundrum: LTD just wanted to provide quality public transportation to a city they cared about, and Eugene is a green-minded, community-oriented city that needs a car-free option. So what was the real problem here? We wanted to get to the bottom of it. We invited community members in to understand their perceptions of LTD so we could develop targeted, relevant communications.

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What we learned shouldn’t shock you. Turns out, everybody wants the same things: equity (everyone deserves a way to get out and enjoy and participate in their city, right?), economic development (jobs are good!), and sustainability (a big issue here in Eugene). Turns out, LTD backs up these values with a lot of great work that people just didn’t know about; for example, LTD provides over 10 million rides a year and they have hybrid buses. And many seniors depend on LTD to go grocery shopping or get around. What we had to do was turn around the narrative that LTD and Eugene were at odds- and help LTD reshape their image by simply telling their story better.

We also need to get more people to use LTD’s services. So we developed a campaign specific to UO students that features local destinations and one for the broader community to encourage them to ride.

We’ve helped LTD tell their story through video, digital and print ads, TV spots, and print collateral.